FAWT - Food and Weight Tracker

Track your weight and food. Stay fit and healthy. 

This app is designed to track your daily intake of Calories, Macro-nutrients (protein, fat, carbs), Fiber and Water. 

And, of course, to track your weight progress. 

Application contains USA food database, so it will be more comfortable for US users. 

At the same time everybody are welcome to try it! 

App supports Metric system and allows to add food items manually.

app link


Food and Weight Tracker Lite

This app is "Lite" version of "FAWT - Food and Weight Tracker". 

Main difference between 'Lite" version and 'PREMIUM' is ability to track protein, fat, carbs and fiber. All other functions are the same.

Food Tracker Lite google play link


Fake Call

This app is designed to imitate Incoming Call on your Phone

to Prank friends, avoid awkward situations, boring meeting or annoying conversations.

- App name changes to "Call Buddy" after installing;
- Use Screen Widget to make calls secretly;
- Customize Caller Profile: add photo, phone number, in-call voice, ringtone, time for a call, screen widget button;
- Schedule multi fake calls;
- Create caller profile from your contacts;

app link



Let me represent to you my first game project. Mobile game MONOLITH.

It is my first ever video game , it was created with Java and opensource tools:

LibGDX - cross-platform game library

GIMP - image manipulation program

LMMS - cross-platform tool for music creation

MONOLITH is a runner game where you can jump, accelerate landing and change size.

Become bigger to jump higher or smaller to avoid obstacles. And remember don't touch blue spikes!

Run, jump and change your size to avoid traps.

app link